Helping Families During the Holidays

Helping Families During the Holidays

Good morning and happy holidays. Suffering the loss of a loved one during the holidays can be devastating, especially for children. I have seen a story going around Facebook that is particularly tragic. Last night Michele Thornton Bullinger messaged me and asked if it would be possible to put something together for a family who has suffered such a loss.

This story broke my heart and I’m putting it out there to give this family some much needed support.

On December 2, 2015, a single mother was suddenly and tragically killed in a car accident, when she was hit by a drunk driver. This local mother, left behind 3 young and beautiful children. They were all living with her brother and sister in law. Her brother is stressing over how to provide for and give these sweet little ones a Christmas, along with everything else he is going through. I am reaching out to you, in hopes to rally and try to help them and these children. The children are ages 5 (girl), 8 (boy) and 10 (girl). I am also wanting to do something special for the brother and aunt for the future burdens they may face. May it be in the form of donations to their gofundme set up, in the form of gift cards (i.e. Target, Publix, Walmart, Winn-Dixie, etc.) or gifts for the little ones (see list below). This family has experienced something beyond tragic and just weeks before the Christmas holiday. So please, if you can, help me to show this family our support, love and generosity.

If you would like to donate to their cause, here is the gofundme link.

Should you want to buy gifts for these children, here is a small list of what
I’ve been told thus far:
5 yr old zoie likes hello kitty, princess stuff, my little pony.
8 yr old Khalil likes Mario Bros, power Rangers, ninja turtles and five nights at Freddy’s.
10 yr old nejah likes shopkins, crafts, fashion, music.

If you would like to drop off gifts, you can bring them to Chamberlain Realty, located at: 1750 W. Broadway Suite 106, Oviedo 327657356915_1449165142.3501

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